Help protect your property

For the cost of a few cups of coffee, you can invisibly mark all your prized possessions, expensive tools, and garden equipment.

Wiltshire Police have announced Operation Siege, a scheme to invisibly mark and record all the items you would wish to protect on a national database that the police across the country have access to.  Many police forces have a considerable amount of recovered stolen goods where it is almost impossible to locate the owner, particularly when those goods have been taken to a different part of the country.

Using the product SelectDNA, you mark your items with a unique code that can be read using ultra-violet light. You record the ownership of these items on a national asset register, accessible to all police forces. You can even post a photo of the item on the asset register.

Don’t forget those family heirlooms, treasured items that perhaps have been gifted by a grandparent. While the monetary value could well be minimal, the sentimental value is infinite; items marked could well be recovered and returned.

To obtain your marking kit visit the SelectDNA website to order online. Use this website to get a discounted kit for £25, usual price £60. Go to Enter the discount code NHWAWILTSHIRE.

As well as the marking fluid, the kit comes with small stickers and window stickers to warn those that may be tempted that your possessions have been marked and recorded. Use of SelectDNA in other areas of the country have shown a marked decrease in the number of burglaries.