Neighbourhood Watch Week 3rd to 9th June 2023

Wiltshire NHW Association remains committed to the principle Safer Communities and the importance of good neighbourhood policing. Neighbourhood Watch Week offers an opportunity for NHW members to consider how they can support their community in being a Better Place to Live. For more information relating to ‘We make this a better place to live’ go to the national NHW Network site

Neighbourhood Watch Week may also prompt other ideas/actions, such as :

1. As a scheme co-ordinator why not refresh your scheme by distributing our free Wiltshire NHW information leaflet which comes with a NHW window sticker.

2. Review street signage including the replacement of ‘old style’ often worn ‘Blue Helmet’ signs and replace with bright new design – see below.

3. Contact your local PCSO – details can be found on

4. ‘What’s happening in your area?’ Go to the Wiltshire Police site where you will find on the homepage the opportunity to do a postcode search to find out what is going on in your area.

5. If the scheme in your area no longer runs, why not start a new scheme? For more information go to

Please contact us if you have any queries: