WNHW Meeting with Inspector Al Lumley of Warminster & Devizes CPTs

Vice Chair Mike Davidson is meeting up with Inspector Al Lumley and Sgt Kevin Harmsworth to talk about the WNHW
and Wiltshire Police Partnership Agreement that was signed in 2018 at the AGM. Al Lumley was new into post in 2021 so this will be their first meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is for to get to know each other and catch up with where both WNHW and the CPT are as
we move beyond the worst of the pandemic, we hope! The meeting is scheduled for 9th March 2022

They will cover:
• Police commitments and priorities across the Warminster CPT.
• Police Visibility around the villages and towns.
• Links with NHW in the villages and towns.
• Reforming the Warminster and Rural Neighbourhood Tasking Group/Safety Group.
• Rejuvenation of the Codford Area NHW schemes.